Breast Lift

Breasts are complex organs made of glands, connective tissue, fat, milk ducts, and ligaments that support and maintain breast structure. Over time, the ligaments, connective tissue and skin lose their elasticity and stretch out. The result is sagging deflated or lowered breasts.

What causes sagging breasts?

Some women naturally have sagging breasts, but most sagging and deflation develops after breast feeding, weight loss, or aging, coupled with the effects of gravity, and hormones, or genetics.

What is a breast lift?

Also called a mastopexy, a breast lift is surgery to raise the breasts to a more youthful position, firm the breasts, and rejuvenate the figure. Surgery involves the removal of excess skin and tightening of the breast tissue to restore and improve breast contours, and support your new shape. This surgery does not change the size of your breasts.

What can breast lift do?

A breast lift will reposition your breasts higher on your chest, and restore breast contours and projection for more youthful, beautiful breasts. It will also reposition the nipples to a more youthful position, and reduce areola that have become enlarged.

Breast implants can be added to restore lost volume, particularly in the upper part of your breasts. Adding more volume will also improve the shape of the breasts.

Mastopexy is performed to treat sagging, and can address other problems such as breast symmetry which may involve a combination of a lift and a breast reduction.

Newer, advanced techniques offer the option of creating an internal bra with a bio-compatible mesh placed during a mastopexy to add support, and to maintain shape and projection.

Deciding to have a breast lift

Breast lift patients must decide to trade improved breast shape and contour for some surgical scars, which will be strategically placed to minimize their appearance, and concealed in natural breast creases. Newer techniques have significantly improved incision placement.

Not sure if you are good candidate?

Here is a simple test can be done at home. Place a pen or pencil under your breast fold and see if it stays there. If it stays in place, a breast lift can be a good option for you. But, the best way to see if this surgery is right for you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Powell.

Your breast lift consultation

Dr. Carl Powell will evaluate your health history and medical conditions, examine your breasts, take detailed measurements, and photographs, discuss your options, and offer his recommendations for the best treatment plan for you. Dr. Powell is a breast lift expert and he will discuss all that is involved during your consultation.

Who is a good candidate?

A good candidate is a woman who is physically healthy with stable weight, and is bothered by the look and feel of her sagging breasts that have lost shape and volume.

The breast lift procedure

Prior to surgery, the surgical procedure to be performed will have been determined

based on your breast shape and size, the size and position of your areolas, the degree of sagging, and the amount of skin and its quality and elasticity.

A breast lift is outpatient surgery. Under general anesthesia, Dr. Powell will make the incisions, and lift and reshape the breast tissue to improve contour and firmness. The nipple and areola will be repositioned to a more youthful height, and the areola may be reduced in size. Excess breast tissue will be removed. then the incisions will be closed. Sutures are layered deep within the breast tissue to create and support your newly reshaped breasts.

When you are bothered by sagging, shapeless breasts and lost volume, your breasts are elongated or pendulous, your nipples fall below the breast crease and point downward, and you have stretched skin and enlarged areolas, or one breast is lower than the other, a breast lift is a great solution. Choosing Dr. Carl Powell at Powell Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego and Cardiff, California is the right decision. Dr. Powell is a breast lift expert. He has performed thousands of breast procedures safely and successfully. He is honest and meticulous. His procedures are performed with technical and aesthetic expertise.

A breast lift can not only restore and enhance your appearance, it can enhance your self-esteem and confidence. Isn’t it time you did something good for yourself?