The good news is that recovery from breast lift surgery is generally fairly easy, with only minimal discomfort, because it only involves removing skin, and contouring the breasts, and does not affect the chest muscles. However, if implants are added, there will be slightly more discomfort, but healing time is the same.

Recovery and healing

After surgery, you will awake with bandages over the incisions, and an elastic bandage or support bra in place to decrease swelling and support the breasts as they heal. Sutures and surgical bandages will be removed the first week of surgery.

You may need help at home for a day or two after surgery, but most women are comfortable enough to return to work within a week of surgery, depending on the type and extent of your surgery, and your type of work.

Swelling usually diminishes within three or four days. It is very important to wear a special support bra for at least 3 weeks and a sports bra for another 3 months, to eliminate tension on the breasts as they heal.

Pain will be managed with prescription medications and will generally not be needed beyond one week. You can return to driving at 2 weeks. Light activity may be started 7-10 days after surgery. Strenuous activities and heavy lifting should be avoided for at least 4-6 weeks. Dr. Powell recommends that you listen to your body and only do what you can tolerate. After surgery, the best thing you can do is rest and hydrate, and take care of yourself.

You will receive specific instructions on how to care for your breasts, how to care for your incisions, medications to apply or take for healing and to reduce the risk of infection, what to look for and when to call the doctor, and when to return to Dr. Powell for follow up.

Your results

You will be able to see the results of your lift almost immediately after surgery. Over time swelling will resolve and incisions will fade. Final results will appear over the next few months as the shape and positon of your new breasts settle. Complete healing can take at least a year.

A mastopexy is youth-enhancing and long-lasting. Your confidence and self-esteem will be renewed. However, surgery does not stop time and gravity. the effects of aging and gravity will continue to change your physical appearance. To retain your results for a long time it is advised that you maintain a healthy weight and life style.

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