Fat Transfer Micronized Fat

Micronized Fat Grafting is a revolution in facial rejuvenation for men and women. Micronized Fat treatment uses your body’s own regenerative cells to augment the face, neck and hands, to restore volume and regenerate and remodel soft tissue, improve skin texture and thickness, and reverse the signs of aging.

Only recently have scientists discovered that fatty tissue has the highest percentage of adult stem cells of any tissue in the body. Micro fat grafting employs a new technique to gently extract fat cells with micro liposuction. The fat is processed to isolate stem cells and growth factors, and micronize the fat for injection to treat even the most delicate areas of the face like the eyelids and lips.

What are stem cells?

Adult stem cells (ASCs) are capable of differentiating into new skin cells, collagen and elastin to replace lost volume, contour and rejuvenate the face, neck and hands.

How is micronized fat used?

The goal of micro fat grafting is to regenerate the skin and support tissues to create plumper, younger, and tighter skin.

Treatment improves photo-aged and lax skin, as well as volume changes. Micronized fat treatments have the ability to treat, maintain and prevent aging at the cellular level. Treatments provide incremental improvements in tissues as we age, producing long-lasting results, better quality skin thickness and texture, and reversal of aging elastin and collagen. It is the new approach to facial regeneration.

Micronized fat for the face and neck

Micronized fat grafting is excellent for regenerating and filling soft tissue lost due to aging. Micronized fat is used on the forehead, eyebrow area, under eye hollows, the temples, cheeks, and around the mouth to rejuvenate the face. The neck tissue can also be rejuvenated with micronized fat grafting.

In the aging mid face, micronized fat injections not only plump and restore the skin, but also restore tone to the ligaments, and create new blood vessels to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the skin and tissues. The result is a natural looking, subtle correction.

Micronized fat injections used with cosmetic procedures

It can also be used with facial plastic surgery to accomplish complete cosmetic rejuvenation. The surgery removes loose skin, and the micronized fat improves volume and tightness for full facial rejuvenation.

Fat grafting can even lift the brows in mild cases of drooping eyelids. In more severe cases, fat grafting will be used with a brow lift to restore structural support and regenerate the skin and tissues.

In the eye area where the skin thins, micronized fat grafting may be applied before a blepharoplasty to restore soft tissue volume, which adjusts the amount of skin that will be removed.

Laser resurfacing can be combined with micronized fat injections to treat sun damage and restore volume. Micronized fat can be injected to restore volume and projection of the chin.

Micronized fat for the hands

The appearance of the hands is a tell-tale sign of a person’s age. The sun and time lead to photoaging and wrinkles, irregular pigmentation and fading of fullness, and collagen depletion.  The tendons and veins become more obvious with age. Micronized fat injections are used to fill the tissue, and improve the quality of the soft tissue and skin for attractive hand rejuvenation.

Micronized fat to treat scarring

The micronized fat is injected to regenerate the dermis and subcutaneous tissue to improve scars, allowing the skin to become softer and more flexible for scar release. Acne scars, injury scars and surgical scars can be corrected with micronized fat transfer.

Micronized fat for hair loss

The stem cells in fat when transplanted to the scalp will cause hair follicle regeneration and restore the hair cycles lost in pattern hair loss.

Only expert cosmetic surgeons can effectively use micronized fat for facial rejuvenation. Dr. Carl Powell is an expert cosmetic surgeon who knows the critical characteristics of micronized fat, and its correct placement to address each patient’s needs. Facial aging is complex and the best outcomes are achieved when photo-damage, volume loss and soft tissue laxity are treated.

Learn more about how micronized fat injections can help you look younger, refreshed and beautiful by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Powell at Powell Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego, California.