Beta HCG

The problem with calorie restricted diets

The problem with calorie restriction diets is that the body loses muscle which slows down your metabolism. If the diet is used for long periods it can damage your metabolism such that when you stop the diet, you regain the weight. That’s why calorie restriction diets fail to keep weight off.

Beta HCG is beneficial for weight loss in combination with a healthy low-calorie diet and exercise. Research shows that HCG combined with a healthy low-calorie diet and exercise results in better weight loss. People lose more fat than without HCG, and are better able to maintain their weight loss, than with diet and exercise alone. 

What is Beta HCG?

Beta HCG is a hormone (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) produced by the body during pregnancy.

How does it work?

Injections of pharmaceutical grade HCG burns body fat and reduces appetite. Beta HCG injections promote muscle building and prevent muscle loss while eating a low-calorie diet. So, patients become lean while building muscle which helps to burn calories and improves metabolism.

HCG injections are especially good to help regulate estrogen and progesterone levels that are often responsible for weight gain in women. For men, HCG helps regulate testosterone which is known to stimulate weight loss.

While lifestyle modifications are the best way to lose weight, willpower alone rarely produces the desired effects. HCG injections will help you control your appetite, burn more fat and maximize your metabolism.

The diet must be performed under Dr. Powell’s supervision. Prior to starting the diet, Dr. Powell will perform a quick physical exam and medical history to assure there are no underlying conditions that could affect your outcome. The diet is a 30-day program in which most patients lose between a half pound to one pound per day.

What does it cost?
The 30-day program costs $249.00 for injections and monitoring.

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