FDA has approved low does Phentermine for weight reduction. Phentermine is a safe stimulant medication that suppresses appetite and increases calorie burning. When used as an adjunct to diet and exercise it can help you lose weight by decreasing hunger and increasing the sensation of feeling full. Studies support the use of phentermine for significant weight loss.

Dr. Powell will prescribe phentermine to control appetite and will monitor your progress.

Correct dosing and use can provide lasting and sustainable weight loss, and helps to avoid the muscle loss that comes from calorie restricted diets.

At Powell Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego, we use small doses of phentermine during episodes of calorie restriction to increase metabolism and reduce appetite. Phentermine works best with intermittent fasting.

Intermittent (short-term) fasting is a way to eat that cycles between eating and fasting which helps optimize hormones related to weight loss, and helps to reduce calorie intake. The health benefits are numerous including: reducing insulin levels and insulin resistance which expedites fat burning, increases human growth hormone production for fat burning and muscle gain, and increases metabolism which promotes circumferential weight loss i.e. Belly fat, while avoiding muscle loss from calorie restriction.

Talk to Dr. Powell at Powell Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego to learn how he can help you reduce your weight safely.